Malachi Watson-Narcisse | @mistermali


Artist Statement

My name is Malachi Watson-Narcisse and I am a Brampton based artist, illustrator and graphic designer. My artistic practice in recent years has really been an exploration of the world around me. It has been a way to highlight the -sometimes simple, sometimes random, but often overlooked- things and people in our world that I find interesting. I believe that, despite our cultural differences, all of us are connected, interdependent and interesting. I am trying to communicate that through my digital art. 

The digital illustrations I make are influenced by various styles and traditions. Working in digital allows my work to be shared easily. I do work in traditional mediums such as paint, ink and pastel on occasion. My art tends to be colourful and unfiltered. I want my work to be accessible. I speak from among the people and attempt to put a magnifying glass on their surroundings in a creative way.


2021-2023                          Digital illustration techniques in Procreate and Photoshop, Domestika, Online

2017-2018                          Graphic Design Certificate, George Brown College, Toronto

Public Exhibitions

Aug 2023                            “TSOV2: The Hero’s Journey” group exhibition curated by The AOC (art collective). Mt Pleasant branch Brampton Library, Brampton, Ontario.

March 2023                        “Brampton Night Lights” group exhibition projected onto the side of Brampton City Hall. Brampton, Ontario. Paid an artist fee.

March 2022                        “PIXEL: BLACK ARTISTS LIVE HERE” group exhibition. Garden Square, Downtown Brampton, Ontario. Paid an artist fee.

2021                                    “Postcard Project: Your Artist Story” group exhibition curated by Brampton Arts Organization (formerly ACCIDA). Online digital art exhibition. Paid an artist fee.

Aug 2019                            “The Story Of Vida” group exhibition curated by The AOC (art collective). Orb Gallery, Toronto, Ontario.

Public Art

Aug 2023                      “Street to Streams Catchbasin Art Project” Painted 2 murals to encourage environmental protection. Brampton, Ontario. 

Sep 2021                             “Traffic Box Pilot Project” Made a digital illustration that was wrapped onto a traffic control box. City of Brampton.


Arts and cultural work experience 

June 2023                           Artist Advisor/Assessor. BAO programming workshop. Giving insight and reflection on BAO activities in 2023 from artists perspective.

Teaching and mentorships 

July -Aug 2023                   Taught a digital drawing workshop at Brampton Public Library, Brampton ON.

Assessment and Juries

Aug 2023                            Selection Panel Member. City of Brampton ‘BOXED’ traffic box art program. Brampton, Ontario

Aug 2023                            Selection Panel Member. Summer Art Challenge. Brampton Public Library.

June 2022                           Selection Panel Member. “PIXEL: Summer of Love” art exhibition. BAO. Brampton, Ontario.

Media coverage

2022                                    “Artwork from Black artists on display in downtown Brampton” feature in Brampton Guardian newspaper.  

2021                                    “Local artists…pay tribute to Brampton” Features on my Traffic-box mural broadcast by CBC.


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